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I make clocks to order, delivery is currently around 8 months. I encourage people to visit my workshop in Matlock to select the timber and features they want; a very enjoyable process. If this isn't possible the selection process can easily be done at a distance.

Prices for a Series 12 clock start at £1900 - this price includes any choice of wood. You are welcome to supply your own timber if you choose.

I use UK grown timber - I have a good selection (as of early 2016); including some beautiful Cherry, Ash, Yew, Sycamore, Holly, Oak and Rowan.

Several features are offered: different wheel designs, complex segmented weight discs and adjustable pendula.

The booklet 'Choosing Your Clock' is a simple guide through the choices. Please be aware that this document needs an update to reflect the 2014 price increase.

Please get in touch if you are interested, but please be aware that the email system on that page is currently broken.